Diamond Willows cont’d

Stolen Child by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

Nadia is a recent immigrant from the Ukraine after the World War II.  She has haunting memories and terrible dreams.  Many of these things about her past lead her to believe she is not Ukrainian but somehow German and a Nazi.  The story leads us through her slow awakening to her past and her acclimatization to life in Canada.  A well-told story and a thought-provoking read.  Historical fiction suitable for boys and girls.  Themes:  coming to Canada, the horrors of war, family, friendship.  Suitable for grades 4-8.

The Odds get Even by Natale Ghent.  Boney, Itchy and Squeak work together to provide comfort from their homes and school life.  An old-fashioned school boy adventure filled with funny impossible situations.  Fun if you enjoy slapstick humour.  Suitable for grades 4-6.  Possible read aloud but I’d reach for a Gordon Korman first.

The Midnight Curse by F.M. Falcone.  Action, horror, adventure, the Midnight Curse is aimed at children wanting books packed with suspense and the unexpected.  Suitable for grades 4-6.


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