Philosophy – Playing around with the Apostolic Creed

Warning:  Not a book review and has a religious bent or is bent religion depending on your viewpoint.  Feel free to move on.


So the Apostolic Creed can be found here.

I was playing with it in church the other day as I am always trying to re-write Christian thought into a version which suits my rationalistic self.


I am committed to creation care.

I am committed to being a Jesus-follower – Jesus, who was born to Mary the unwed mother, who suffered under tyrannical rule, who was crucified, died and was buried.  He was defeated.

On the third day, his message was enlivened by his friends who remembered him and shared his story of hope and promise with others.

I am committed to this hope, to the community called church, to the people within and without, to forgiveness of wrong-doing, to life-giving work and to sharing stories with the power to sustain.


I have recorded this interpretation here so that I can remember it and so that I can throw away the piece of paper it is written on.



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