Barnabas Bigfoot – A Close Shave by Marty Chan

at the Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum
I have students who love the humour of Marty Chan so I was looking forward to reading Barnabas Bigfoot.  The cover is really appealing, kudos to David Lee.  I was disappointed with the story.  Barnabas Bigfoot is a lighthearted adventure intended for elementary readers.  It felt a bit cheesy to me. I wonder if that may just be because I’m not the intended audience. There is some humour and suspense but I believe it may have limited appeal.  I did a little unscientific polling (I had my kids take a look at it).  My kids are 8 and 11.  They both agreed that it wasn’t a book they would take the time to read.  The writing is decent.  The characters are appealing but the premise didn’t really captivate me.  Not one worth my money but I’ll take the free copy.

CM Review 


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