Girl, Stolen by April Henry

police line do not cross
Sixteen-year old Cheyenne is inadvertently kidnapped when the car she is in is stolen.  Griffin steals the car and is not pleased to find he has taken Cheyenne too.  When Ray, Griffin’s father realizes Cheyenne is the daughter of a wealthy executive, things go from bad to worse.  April Henry’s novel, Girl, Stolen, is a thrilling ride with some great twists and a satisfying ending.  Henry explores the complications of blindness, the impact of living in poverty and the difference between intelligence and reading ability as she weaves together courage, fear, anger, gentleness and violence into a compelling and realistic story.

Suitable for gr.7 and up. An excellent addition for the K-8 and high school libraries.  Not a difficult read, third-person limited point of view.  Ideal for LA units exploring adventure, realistic fiction, growing up, overcoming adversity, living with a disability.

Kirkus Review


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  1. Ella

    Somone please tell me the ending if this book!!!

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