Escape Velocity by Robin Stevenson


Lou Summers is getting by.  Her father is a good guy but he’s been injured at work and is in chronic pain. They’ve moved around a bunch and have landed most recently in Drumheller.  Lou is so used to moving, she doesn’t bother to try to make friends anymore just duck in under the radar and stay that way. Lou’s mother left when she was born and has only recently had even minimal contact with her. But when her father has a heart-attack, Lou has to go and live with her mother.  A women, she hardly knows who doesn’t like her or seem to want her to stay.
Robin Stevenson is a capable writer who takes the coming of age story and makes you care. Her characters and situations feel real and plausible.  A well-written and well-paced story for young adults.  Suitable for students grade 5 and up. A selection which will appeal particularly to female fans of realistic fiction.  Possible curricular tie-ins – growing up, family, search for identity.
Rating: excellent –  well worth purchasing for the K-8 library and 7-12 lib

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