The Cellar by A.J. Whitten

000517 The Cellar

Meredith’s family has been thrown into turmoil through the accidental death of her father in a car crash caused by her sister, the driver of the vehicle. Their mother is coping through continual shopping and the sisters can no longer seem to connect. A new attractive young man, moves into the abandoned house next door and is the talk of the town. Meredith seems to be the only one not taken in by his considerable charm. Heather, her sister, is soon his girlfriend but all is not as rosy as it appears as the man next door is really a zombie.
I am not a fan of horror so The Cellar was an extreme stretch for me. The Cellar is zombie fiction which is trendy and appeals to readers of YA literature. I thought I would really hate it and I found it fairly entertaining. The violence and gore give me pause when considering putting it into a K-8 library but in the YA section it would probably be fine.  A fairly entertaining romance which will appeal to fans of horror and romance. No easy curricular tie-in, although you could use it when looking at Shakespeare’s plays as Romeo and Juliet plays a major role in the plot line. Mostly a  recreational read.
Rating: good
Suitable for grades 7 and up

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