Wolf Blood by N.M. Browne


Trista, a runaway slave, and, Morcant, a deserting Roman soldier, are on the run in the wilds of Britain.  Each of them has a powerful gift and need each other to survive the harsh winter, the warring tribes and the Roman attackers.  Browne’s story is adventure, fantasy and history well-mixed.

It is refreshing to read a story of early Britain which includes druids but not King Arthur.  Browne’s language and story will challenge and reward the young adult reader.  While I would not hesitate to put this book into a high school library, I would think twice for a small elementary school.  The language and complexity would require a skilled reader which although present in my school population are of more limited numbers.  Themes include: survival, conflict, trust, loyalty and courage.  Curriculum connections:  fantasy, adventure

Rating:  Very Good


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