SPS Inquiry Collaboration

My teacher partner and I got together today to work on our project. We were glad we had waited until we had learned a bit more about the students we are working with and where they need us to spend time. We have discovered through some testing that althought the students work well to understand when they are reading they are struggling to decode and read with fluency. This has helped us to set a slightly different focus for our technology and learning inquiry.
Using Debbie Miller’s work as a guide, we want to foster a community of learners in the classroom who are curious, reflective and thoughful. We want them to be absorbed by their learning experiences and eager to share them with others. We are going to focus on giving them a real audience and practical reasons to read and write.
Each student will partcipate in having a blog and using drawing and writing to think about how good readers decode text.
We have deliberately not chosen another curricular topic as the focus of our inquiry so that we may continue to work on the inquiry as the curricular content changes throughout the term.
We are planning on using Pixie and MS Paint as tools for communicating about words and reading.
It’s going to be fun to see where things go and what kind of products we can make to communicate with others the interesting things we read about and how we are becoming better readers.


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