Evaluating Professional Development

Evaluating Professional Development
author: Thomas R. Guskey
name: Susan
average rating: 3.83
book published: 1999
rating: 3
read at:
date added: 2013/08/24
shelves: professional-development

A research heavy book on professional development evaluation. I found myself nodding off while reading it. The information is good and the techniques and tools described will be helpful. Certainly something I will be referring to throughout the coming year. The five levels of evaluation breakdown is particularly helpful – level one – participant reaction, level two – participant learning, level three – organizational support and change, level four – use of knowledge and skills and level five – student learning. It was important for me to look at and reflect on the multitude of ways in which leaders need to evaluate their work. As a participant in PD, I have often only thought about my learning and skill and how it connected to my students. I would occasionally notice barriers to my learning within organization or supports for my learning in the organization but they were not my main concern. I would notice when professional development missed my zone of proximal development by being either too hard or too easy. I gave feedback when requested and occasionally just because I had an opinion. It is interesting to be transitioning to this new space as an instructional leader and to be faced directly with the need to accommodate teachers and evaluate whether or not the work I do with them makes a difference in the place it needs to – with students.

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