Unmistakable Impact: A Partnership Approach for Dramatically Improving Instruction

Unmistakable Impact: A Partnership Approach for Dramatically Improving Instruction
author: Michael James (Jim) Knight
name: Susan
average rating: 4.39
book published: 2010
rating: 4
read at:
date added: 2013/08/24
shelves: professional-development

A good guide for educator leaders planning for teacher professional development. The organization of the book suits the audience as principals, coaches, instructional leaders can read the chapters which are specific to their role and the ways they can have the greatest impact on instructional improvement. Some take-aways – school instructional improvement plans should be no longer than one page and contain goals on planning for content, assessment, instructional strategies and community. I thought the instructional strategies were a little old school and lacked specificity but the book is about planning for instructional improvement and less about the things to change in the instruction. I know I will be referring back to the coaching section and the planning for workshops sections throughout this year.

via Susan’s bookshelf: all http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/702723676?utm_medium=api&utm_source=rss


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