New Start


I’ve started a new job and it has ups and downs in the adjustment from one role to another.  I’m moving from the job of teacher librarian to the job of technology consultant.  Some days I’m really excited and others I’m exceedingly nervous.  Some days I’m confident and others I’m completely overwhelmed.  Today I had two interactions which really made me delighted to be taking on my new role. I was strolling the hallways of our central office building and had  brief conversations with two people ‘above’ me in the hierarchy.  One has a closer supervisory capacity of my job and the other has a more arms-length role.  Both of them were warm and supportive.  It felt so good to be affirmed as a person regardless of my capacity and output.  I am relieved to know and to see the humanity of the ‘powers that be’ within my organization.  It made me say, “I have a fantastic work place and can’t wait to get started”.

It’s going to be a good year.


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