I am an elementary school teacher. I have just completed my Master’s degree in Education within the department of curriculum studies.  I have professional interest in new literacies and technology in education.  I am a lover of books and learning.

You can contact me at jasufunk @ gmail. com. You will want to take the spaces out of the address.
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5 responses to “About

  1. I noticed you have a link to
    MCC. Being a Mennonite working
    at Broadfording Christian Academy
    in Hagerstown, MD, I got thinking.
    Do you have a classroom with whom my 7th graders
    could collaborate? Check us out at these links:

  2. Mark Leenders


    I am trying to make contact with Barbara Ens, who would be about 50 years old right now. I attended Harry Ainlay High School in Edmonton with her. If you know her, could you please give her my email address and ask her to email me? Thanks!

    I’m also a teacher, by the way. Secondary science, math, and computers. Nice to meet you! 🙂

  3. Catherine Gutwin

    Hi, Susan. I have been thinking a lot about Lara, read the starphoenix obituary and message book, came across your site here, and have been reading on with great interest. I am hoping to start a masters in distance ed next spring, and already I see several potential thesis topics here! Very thoughtful, provocative stuff. I am nearing the end of a spring session course in communications at the local tech college here – and I am re-experiencing the conviction that my job is really to care for my students, and if they learn anything about writing along the way, well, that’s gravy. So, interested to read a similar idea in your pages here. I will continue to read! Thinking of you and your family. Love, Catherine

    • Mary Dueck

      Nice to see this blog note from you to the Ens family. I am browsing the web tonight to see who I can contact through this technology. I was so pleased when I came across your name. How are you doing? What is your life like these days?, etc. etc. You know, that you are a very special person to me and always loved you when you were young and a special friend to my daughter, Cheryl. I know that she likes you a lot, too. You likely know that she has a partner, Richard Sigurdson, and together they had a baby daughter, Nola Marie, who is my very precious grand daughter. I love her soooo much.

      I would love to hear from you and to find out what your life is like. I love you and care about you.
      Mary Dueck

  4. Good to hear from you Catherine. We’ll have to talk shop sometime. You might find some interesting reading at Doug Noon’s blog. You’ll find the link in my sidebar.

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