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Getting Ready

I’m preparing for a classroom with a web 2.0 component and I spent some time tonight getting it ready.  I now have a classroom blog address, a classroom account and a classroom flickr account.  Nothing fancy in any of these links yet but it is a start.  I’m just wondering how to keep all of the login and passwords straight.  Come on Open ID but of course I’d have to know how that worked!

My next steps are getting the students used to it.  Getting parental permission for a variety of the items that might get posted and getting a school blog up and running.  My wonderful principal is keen on it all and would like to get blogging.

On another note, I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to do a min – Pecha Kucha for Meet the Teacher night. One slide per teacher 20 sec to introduce yourself.  It would kind of go with the Four Slide Intro I did for my students on the first day.  I think my principal would go for it.  It will depend on the energy of my staff but it is early in the year.  🙂



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Originally uploaded by susanfunk.

Today is try out the features day! I had promised myself that I would figure out what makes people keen on Flickr. I’ve heard that it is useful for educational purposes. I’m hoping that when I post through Flickr that means I don’t have to go through the uploading process on my blog. I think that means that I don’t use up my allotment of space on my blog with piles of picture data.

It’s fun to feel successful. Here’s to the learning process. Cheers.

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