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11’s for Kelli

11 Random Facts about me:
1. I am an amateur musician – I love to sing, play piano and recorder. I love making music with my family – my dad and mom and kids.
2. I am a theatre groupie. Local theatre is one of my answers to living locally. My husband and I get date night and some local people get to work in an area they love. Win-win.
3. I run to eat.
4. I love reading. I am part of a book club which helps me read outside my usual fare of YA dystopian/fantasy.
5. I need things to make sense and constantly re-evaluate my life goals against my ideals.
6. I frequently do not meet my own expectations.
7. I can feel hopeless about the world.
8. I believe in peace and justice as the only way to make things right – socially, environmentally, personally…
9. I believe in the power of stories – historical, current, futurist – to make change and make the world a better place.
10. I like children. Mine are the best of course.
11. I want to have close relationships with a small circle of friends. I think that’s harder than it used to be.

11 bloggers to tag (not going to get 11, I’ve moved to Twitter mostly…)

1. Back at Kelli
2. Vicki is my go-to-girl
3. Joyce V
4. Alec Couros

That’s about it.

Questions for these bloggers:

1- What is one thing you do that you would not change for anyone?
2- How often do you check your email?
3- Where do you find inspiration?
4- What is your comfort food of choice?
5- What is your guilty pleasure?
6- How do you relieve stress/let off steam?
7- How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
8- Where is your happy place?
9- Rule follower or breaker?
10-If you could be one age again, what would it be?
11-How did you start blogging?

My answers:

1. I would not lie.
2. Too often.
3. Twitter and Pinterest for tech and books and education. Church and my church friends for life.
4. Chocolate – dark and European.
5. Chocolate – again.
6. I play piano and talk to friends and family. I read.
7. 8.5 – try for 9.
8. Follower but see Number 1.
9. The one I am. No regrets.
11. To figure out what it meant to be online and an educator. It was part of my Masters work, now I’m trying to see if it is still something I need but I don’t seem to completely quit.


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What Counts Wordle

In response to Paul, at quotereflections, I am adding to the meme which makes a Wordle from your RSS feed.  I am actually kind of pleased with it.  I wish I knew a bit more about the numbers which make different colours in html so I could make a custom coloured Wordle but time doesn’t permit that exploration today. I’ve been able to reduce the word count and embed the code. That’s enough learning for the day! Like Paul, I’m finding them rather small. I wonder how to change that. hmm.  If you click on it, it will take you to a page view or you can see it at Wordle.

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Nearest book meme

Stephen Abram’s nearest book meme came at just the perfect time. I have two books I’ve been meaning to blog about and now I can do it and meme at the same time. What efficiency!  Thanks to Doug for the invite.

“He watched Best Mate racing away down the hill and then disappearing into the trees.”  Michael Morpurgo in Born to Run.

pioggia's flickr stream

pioggia on flickr

* Get the book nearest to you. Right now.
* Go to page 56.
* Find the 5th sentence.
* Write this sentence – either here or on your blog.
* Copy these instructions as commentary of your sentence.
* Don’t look for your favorite book or your coolest but really the nearest.

I had the great fortune to see Michael Morpurgo in person at this year’s Kaleidoscope. He was an entertaining and enjoyable speaker so I rushed out to purchase a few of his books. Born to Run is a novel for middle elementary students. It details the story of a greyhound puppy as he grows and is lost and found a number of times. The narrative alternates in voice between the various owners and the dog. Each scenario is rich in detail. The characters are vibrant and real. I was a little put off by the sections narrated by the dog. I suspect young readers would have less difficulty with the first person point of view. Somehow I no longer can imagine a dog speaking using ‘I’ Still it is an enjoyable read and I must admit I have a certain fondness for an English lilt in fiction, perhaps having grown up on Wind in the Willows and the Narnia series. I felt right at home in Born to Run.

.storm flickr stream

.storm on flickr

The other book which jumped off the shelf at me is branded by Alissa Quart. This essay on the effects of consumer culture on teenagers is a sobering read. Alissa Quart looks a three sides of the over-marketed state of American youth. First she looks at the adverstising industry and its marketing to youth and use of youth in marketing. She looks at methods such as product placement in video games and movies and use of teen trendspotters. Next she looks at the youth and their own perceptions of the marketing and particularly its influence on body image, university choices and ‘self marketing’ of teen-aged writers. Finally, she looks at the push back of teenagers who wish to reclaim their identities and culture from the marketing machine. As a parent, I cringe at the influence of a globalized culture on my own children and within their environments. There are few public spaces which are free of logos and advertising of some kind. Public buildings, public schools, public universities are making ‘partnerships’ with businesses and as a result very few spaces are free from marketing. This book takes a look at the more detrimental side of these partnerships and advertising methods. It’s well worth reading. I feel I am now walking with my eyes newly opened.


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Meme: High School Daze to Praise

Shaman by Doc Kozzak

The Curse of the Shaman – Michael Kusugak

The Curse of the Shaman is the story of Wolverine and his family. They are Inuit people in the days before European contact. I found the story compelling. In some ways the structure reminds you of the fiary tale of Sleeping Beauty. Beauty is cursed as a babe as is Wolverine. The story is one an adventure, and a survival tale. The characters are funny and realistic. It is your connection to them which makes you want to see where things end up. The setting and actions ring with authenticity. You simply can tell Michael Kusugak lived these experiences. There is a respect for the culture and peoples represented. The story mixes legend, history and romance. With the mix of adventure and romance, you have a little something for everyone. It is a wonderful peek at a culture and society. Learn more about Michael Kusugak through his website.

I can’t say I’ve used this with a class so I’m not sure how it would sell to the audience intended by this meme. It is a fine piece of writing certainly worth a try.

So there you go Paul. Thanks for the invitation.

Paul began this meme.  The rules are:  write a review of a terrific book, use an image to illustrate and tag four other bloggers to participate.

I tag Kelly, Carolyn, Doug, and TMAO and give them leave to participate or not as their time and inclination allow.

P.S.  The shaman is of the wrong culture but it was the best I could do under my personal time constraints.  I really should have an Inuit shaman.


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Passion Quilt

In clown mode…

Originally uploaded by carf

Scott McLeod passed along this meme and I thought I’d participate. It was started out at Around the Corner.

I chose this photo from Creative Commons in Flickr. I believe learning should be fun, create the opportunity to wonder and allow for self expression. I thought this young clown would represent my ideals well.

Thanks to carf on Flickr for sharing the photo.

I want to thank Doug for the tag and hereby tag Donna, Doug, Kelly and Darren.

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Quiz masters

How smart are you? – Are you dumb?

Doug mentioned this quiz and I’m always up for a little check up.   The question remain, am I smart and what kind of smart!

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Addicted Anyone?

Doug J at Blue Skunk sent me to this quiz, here’s my score.

44% Addicted to Blogging.How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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